You want to know what Rock n Roll is like when it's played by a band that eats, sleeps and lives Rock n Roll? Well then, you've come to the site of the only band that can make you feel what it's like to be part of Rock n Roll history. Some refer to Woodstock and LiveAid as the ultimate experience in live music. Well, unless you were there, all you can do is take their word for it. But for YOU, you can experience the most talented musicians, play the best music, in the best venues, in the form of Loosecannons.
These 4 guys cover songs from every era, making you feel like you WERE at Woodstock, LiveAid, Feile, Slane, Glastonbury, Oxegen, The Electric Picnic, and every event where the very best bands play so that we have the time of our lives. And while some of these events defined a generation, you get the feeling from Loosecannons that these guys have the talent to make you feel like you can live them all, at just one of their gigs. They play in venues up and down the country, and entertain crowds in almost every county in Ireland. While they hail from South Tipperary, they make anyone that hears their music feel like they're in the recording studio of the very band that they cover.

People often ask us how the Loosecannons got their name. Unfortunatly, there is no words that can explain the answer to this question. There's only one way to find out...........

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